My Character Date!

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Here we have to imagine a dinner, tea or coffee date with a character: our own or other.

Phone call to friend:

'No, no, can't come over this evening, I'm holding a dinner party for a character.'

'You what? Are you kidding?'

'No, I said character, as in novel, fiction novel.'

'OK, so who've you invited?'

First off I love Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudce, but feel that a conversation would drag in talk of books and estate affairs and little action would result from such an engagement.

Such a pity because he's devilishly handsome!


Then of course there's Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre, though I fear his moody brooding nature and dour countenance is a tad dreary and may leave me suffering the pangs of boredom and difficulty in raising more than a grunt in response to female chatter.

A pity because he has eyes that see beyond his immediate surroundings and seem so full of sorrow.

So my choice then is that of Sharpe, Richard Sharpe, for I know conversing will be no hardship with this bold warrior. In truth I fear words will be few and actions all the greater.

We shall dine at my house in the country, partaking of black Russian caviar and champagne, best beef and claret, and lemon mousse. With brandy for him and coffee for me we shall retire to the orangery. What then, who knows, and I wager it won't all be chat!

'Oh my, Sharpe eh. I always knew you had the hots for Sean Bean.'

Note to self: swat that damn fly pitched on corner of table as soon as. ;)


Rachael Harrie said...

Hi Francine, love your blogfest entry. I'd definitely take Mr Darcy (Colin Firth-style) as well, but you're right, can't see him talking too much. Never mind, I could always just stare at him and drool ;)

BTW, I saw your comment on Erica and Christy's blog, it was an open contest for all :) Some of the entrants are part of my Writers' Platform-Building Crusade over on Rach Writes... which is why we're so chatty. Come check it out if you want (, we'd love to have you on board :)

erica and christy said...

Thanks so much for writing up a story! All very good choices for a date...and don't swat! I go! I'm new to blogging and erica just joined me as a coauthor/coblogger two weeks ago. Stay and be another new "friend" for us! We've just met all these other great people, too. The blogging world is such fun! Thanks, again. christy