Tuesday, 13 September 2011

‘If I Could Be Anyone, I’d Be" - Watching Willow Watts Launch Party.

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A fancy dress book launch party. What could be better than that.  And, our gracious host Marilyn Monroe aka Talli Roland is handing out virtual bubbly at this very mo. Excuse me while I reach for a champers flute and wish her all the luck in the world with Watching Willow Watts.  

So, who did I come as?
If I could magic myself into Keira Knightley I'd be a very happy bunny. You see, I'm passionate about historical romances. In particular swashbuckling romances, and Keira has had some plum roles in the field of historical movies, not least The Duchess. Not only that, she's starred opposite some really dishy men! 

If ever my historicals could be made into movies, well, she'd make for an excellent Emerald Lady Penhavean in Her Favoured Captain, and perfection for Diamonta Whitaker in The Highwayman's Mistress.     

To see who else is at the book launch party, pop along to the main party room