Friday, 25 November 2016

Historical Novel Blog Hop - Add Your Blog Url!

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No matter your chosen genre, the time for advertising books for the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, is upon us. 'Tis a time of chill, of frozen ground, windswept drifts of snow, fires in the hearth, and mulled wine on the trivet. What better then, than a good book to hand! 

Not so for our Southern Hemisphere chums who bask in glorious sunshine, frazzle steaks on the Barbie, and take cool dips in oceans blue. Iced drinks they crave, a comfy lounger, and pray to heaven they don't forget that beach read they bought in hope of lazy hazy days way, way back in history!

So join the history coach, listen to the horses hooves clattering across the cobbles and wheels grinding forth; for the journey begins to the past, as we wend through hill and dell, over moor and mountain, thus thrills may come and go along your chosen route!   

To enter your blog hop please send your URL link to Francine:  or contact me via FB. 

And please link back to this page or add the listed links to your blog page by copy/paste. 

This is a shared venture to benefit all who participate, so please play fair...

Sorry to say I have used auto sign ups in the past, but ruthless and opportunist marketeers directed viewers to all manner of unsuitable blogs. So it's back to manual uploads. 


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