Monday, 2 May 2011

Blog Award Alert.

Thanks go to  Laura for this hotty!  

I really do appreciate every blog award bestowed, and in my side bar you'll see a link to Award Page, where there are awards up for grabs and lots of Qs & As as answered by moi for differing awards.   

For this award I have to pass it on to five other bloggers.
Pass on the love, so to speak,  or in this case, pass the heat!
I hate this bit because it means picking specific names, and in truth I'd award it to everyone as I have done with other awards (see award page).

So, to the deserving few! But I feel sure the heat will travel fast across the ether to grace all blogs in a short while. 

Wendy Tyler Ryan: having slaved away at getting her book ready to hit Amazon!

Anne Gallagher: whom I know has been slogging away at getting a novel ready for subbing!

L'Aussie: who has written a brillliant series of blog posts relating to Byronic Heroes.

Paula Martin: who has a book release date coming soon!

Ju Dimello: who moved home to the other side of the globe, and didn't forget to drop in to my blog as soon as able!

There you have it, five deserving bloggers.

Driving a novel forward within descriptive Prose!

Tapestry of words!

The discussion this week at Heroines' with Hearts: moving a story forward within descriptive prose regarding characters' physical appearance via POV.

Please feel free to join with us in discussion at above linked url!