Friday, 21 January 2011

Tessa's Birthday Bash Blogfest!

Tessa's hosting this party blogfest: Happy Birthday Tessa.

The Mystery of the Missing Pink Fairy Crown Cakes.

‘Oh my giddy aunt,’ exclaimed Sybil, upon entry to the kitchen. ‘They’re gone.’

Hearing her mother’s forlorn outburst, Fiona rushed in. ‘Where are the fairy crown cakes?’

Silence hung heavy for a moment. Mother and daughter eyes locked.

‘Who, who would steal pink cup cakes?’ yelled Fiona.

Sybil glanced toward the back door: left ajar. Nearby lay an incriminating crushed pink fairy crown cake on the floor. ‘They, it, whom, went that way’

‘Thank you Sherlock,’ snapped Fiona, panic in voice as she hurried toward the door. ‘Oh no, the tiered plate is broken.'

Sybil couldn't help but let forth a slight smirk.

Fiona's voice escalated an octave.  'It’s here, on the steps. Damn.  It was a wedding present from Jerry’s mum.’

Sybil sniffed. ‘Does it really matter? I’ll buy you another one.’

‘Of course it matters. I used it today just to please Constance. It’s part of that tea set she paid a fortune for. ’

Sybil sniffed again, and rummaged in the broom cupboard for a dustpan and brush.

Fiona lowered her voice, snatched both sweeping tools from her mother’s grasp. ‘I know you don’t much like her, but I have to live with Jerry. Please, please behave when she arrives back from the shops. Do not, I stress, do not make faces behind her back.’

Sybil shrugged, whispered, ‘Have you not thought about that hound of hers?’

Digby?’ shrieked Fiona. ‘He wouldn’t. He never has before. Would he?’

Digby appeared ball in mouth and bowled into Fiona, the contents of the dustpan immediate back to the floor.

Digby,’ screamed Fiona, hurriedly re-scooping the chipped china and bits of bent metalwork into the dustpan. ‘You didn’t, did you?’

Formerly thrilled at hearing his name called, Digby’s expectant expression fell to that of thinking himself in trouble. Ears lowered, eyes soulful he reasoned the best thing was to retreat at speed. Again, the contents of the dustpan hit the floor.

The doorbell rang. Fiona threw the dustpan on the floor. ‘Oh hell, Constance is back.’

Sybil took to collecting the china pieces and quickly dumped them in the rubbish bin. Jerry’s snooty mother would be so upset when she finally discovered the fate of her prized wedding gift.

Rather than stay and hear Constance wailing about a three-tier-plate Sybil ventured outside into the garden, her Sherlock hat metaphorically on head.

After a short stroll she found another pink fairy crown cake, and Digby thoroughly enjoying it. Not that Digby was the thief, for she spied teddy bears having a rollicking picnic with misshaped pink fairy crown cakes.

A little voice from behind a bush said, ‘Is it all right to come out now, Grandma?’

‘Of course, sweetheart.’

The birthday girl remained hidden.

‘I didn’t mean to break Grandma Dicksons best plate. Is mummy very cross?’

‘Not really, Bethany, she was upset because she thought Digby had stolen your birthday cakes.’

Digby didn’t. I did.’

‘You can’t steal your own cakes, darling, and if you want to share them with your teddys’ that’s quite all right.’

Bethany emerged from behind the bush, pink icing around her mouth.

‘There you are,’ said Fiona, eyes immediate to teddy bears, ‘we wondered where you were’

‘We’re having a teddy bear picnic,’ chimed Sybil, aware of posh Grandma Dickson following on her daughter’s heels. ‘Do come and join in the party fun.’

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