Friday, 14 October 2011

RFW Challenge - "First Love" - Blogfest: Book Trailer!

Purple Emperor Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly brings love to the fore in my latest historical novella. Believe it, although a moment of bliss occurs things are about to go awry...  Please note this novella is not yet available on Kindle. When it is I will post details on my profile blog

404 words: slaps hand for being over 400 max - MPA

She leaned further forward, better to see its wings fanned out, and in doing so a loose stone came adrift and tumbled forward. He lunged backwards, his arm about her waist and she then hauled back from the edge. “My fault in tempting you forth.” He glanced back at the parapet, his arm still about her waist in protective manner. “Damn place is a death trap.”
  “A loose stone, that’s all it was, and my fault for leaning over the edge.”
  He turned to face her, their eyes meeting as they had five years previous. All that time ago in church, and this time there was no denying something had passed between them that day, as it was passing between then now. His lips coming to hers not to be evaded, but to be enjoyed, to be savoured, to be kissed back in like manner. She sensed his hunger, her own leading her into temptation.
  She coiled her arms about his neck, and the strength in his crushed her to him. What joy, what bliss, this coming together in wild passionate embrace: and in this special place. She had so dreaded heated exchange in the arms of Hathaway and now it was perfection in the arms of Robert Lord Devonish.
  Sparring with tongues became a new delight, for she’d resisted engagement with Hathaway even though forced to succumb. His lordship was so different, so gentle, teasing and tendering her to respond fully to invasion and possession. If asked of any thing she might easily say yes at this precise moment in time, but it was over, and her lips once again free. The kiss potent, intoxicated by him, it was as though the best wine had been consumed too fast and heady paradise gained. 
  “Well Miss Napier, we seem to have a new understanding between us.” His smile warmed her heart, his eyes laughing but not mocking her. “Are you happy with this situation?” He kissed the tip of her nose. “Shall I now walk you home?”
  “Home? Oh goodness  . . . No. We cannot be seen together.”
  “Ah, your mother.”
  “Yes. Mother. She has her heart set on Hathaway, but I am hopeful he will be otherwise engaged sufficient long to change her opinion of him.”
  “How so?”
  “I’m not sure I should tell you, but if you promise, swear you will not say a word to your sister, then  . . .”        

The video will be much crisper in visuals when I post it to Youtube. 

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