Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's to health and happiness!

A toast to the New Year!

Peace and joy to all of us!

Prosperity and cheer!

Years come and go, some bad, some good.

New years provide the space,

Each to fill with what one would,

Windows onto grace.

Years come and go, yet still we toast

Each one, for each one seems

As though it were a new-found coast,

Rich with hope and dreams.

May all your writing dreams come true!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Wishes To All.

To all my blogging buddies

 Have a great time over the holiday period

See You All in the New Year.


Also it's Jen & Melissa's blogfest: so bit of a rushed job is this contribution.

Please do help yourself: Peach Sour & Mince pie

4cl Vineyard peach liqueur
2cl lemon juice
10cl orange juice
Mix in cocktail shaker with two ice cubes.

Christmas Trimmings: I do natural - items gathered from the woods, and with spray glue and glitter Lo & Behold a bit of magic sparkle!

Have a great fest!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Twisted Christmas Fairy Tale Blogfest.

This one is hosted by moi purely for seasonal fun. I'm posting it early (Friday night) because it's snowing heavy and our telephone cables could be down tomorrow. So bear with me if I don't show on your blogs for a few days!

If you're a Brit you'll know all about the Pantomime Season - when men dress up as Dames and Women take on the role of Principal boys. Yep, we Brits have real crazy traditions.

The theme for this blogfest is Twisted Fairy Tale - tribute to Freddie Mercury (singer) and of course I've always admired Brian May as one of the best rock guitarists ever !

Anyhoo, mine is a short presentation of Cinderella (see pic above) - a giggle or two will suffice! 

The ball is in full swing the clock nearing first strike of midnight.  

Starring Adverbia & Adjectivia: the ugly sisters.


‘OMG, who is that?’ croaked Adverbia, a sugared plum immediate to mouth as angst washed over her.

‘Who, what, where?’ screamed short-sighted Adjectivia, agitated in extreme because she always refused to be seen in public wearing spectacles.

Adverbia, now near to choking, the sugared plum stuck solidly in throat, her reply mere gobbedly-gook. ‘O ‘er tair.’

Adjectivia noticed Adverbia's distress and gave a resounding slap to her back.

The sugared plum gunned out of Adverbia's mouth and zoomed across the ballroom. Unfortunately, it ended up wedged in the dowager duchess’ wig, which caused much tittering from Adjectivia.

The dowager duchess glanced about to ascertain whom had had the audacity to strike her wig a broadside. As she readjusted her lopsided hairpiece her fingers made contact with the now squidgy sugared plum, and eyes narrowed she assessed its velocity on impact and tragectory path.

Her eyes soon settled on Adverbia; yet another sugared plum gripped between fingers.

Adverbia, engrossed in watching the beautiful young lady dancing with Prince Charming, failed to notice the dowager duchess’ looking her way.

‘There, there, dancing with Prince Charming,' she screamed, 'can you not see her? Oh Adj do put your specs on.'

Reluctanly Adjectivia raised her specs to eyes. ‘I see, I see,’ she rallied, brow furrowed teeth bared. ‘Grrrrr, spit, damn and blast the strumpet. Who is she?’

‘If I knew why would I be asking you?’ snarled Adverbia, sucking second sugared plum.

‘I cannot imagine your asking me,  at all,‘ replied Adjectivia, fanning her face with a feather-plumed fan. ‘Uh oh, the dowager duchess is coming this way. And, oh my, that plum you near choked on  . . .’

Aware of movement beside her, Adjectivia turned to see Adverbia scurrying away.

‘Oh shitzu,’ she exclaimed, and sped after her ugly sister, because no way was she about to take stick from the dowager duchess, whom it was rumoured had a BDSM dungeon where she thwacked a favoured manservant.

Prince charming noticed the commotion of dowager duchess with silver-topped sword-cane raised and looking as though about to commit murder, his dominatrix aunt already in pursuit of the ugly sisters.

He rushed across to soothe the duchess' enraged state, and copped a crack to shoulder for his trouble. Meanwhile the clock had begun striking the midnight hour.

Unbeknown to the prince, the beautiful Countess of Makebelieve (former dancing partner heard the clock chiming) and sudden upped and fled the ballroom.

Dandini, the Prince' personal aide, ran after the countess but not a sight of her to be seen.

Strange as it seemed, several white mice were milling around in somewhat confused state at the foot of the palace steps. Stranger still, a hollow pumpkin reminiscent in shape to that of coach minus its wheels and left in the middle of the courtyard. A glass slipper too, then spied on the far side of the steps.

Dandini picked up the crystal slipper, fondled it, and stood for moment pondering the disappearance of the Countess of Makebelieve. Why would she flee?

Ah, but come to think of it, when first introduced to Baron Noun-Hardup, the young countess had looked radiant? Yet, when the Baron’s new wife flounced toward her, the Countess of Makebelieve's expression fell ashen as though fearful of the ugly sisters' mother, Pronouncia.

In fact, the more Dandini thought about the strangely beautiful young Countess of Makebelieve, a brief encounter came to mind.

The young countess had to be none other than the girl Dandini had seen in the market a few days prior to the Great Ball: the blasted Get-a-Wife Ball, essentially a singles ball.

Damn it all, the mystery countess was indeed Cinderella Noun-Hardup, the baron’s daughter from his first marriage.

It all made sense now.


Poor Prince Charming, under extreme pressure from his Uncle to secure a would-be bride this very night had implied interest in the Countess of Makebelieve, though far from his desired choice for a life partner.

And, of course, Noun-Hardup’s second wife had wanted the ugly stepdaughters presented to the Prince excluding the beautiful Cinders from same opportunity.

So, who had helped Cinders make it to the ball in disguise?  Cinders, for definite, keen for the prince’ hand in marriage.

Well, that wouldn’t happen any time soon.

Dandini tossed the glass slipper over the palace wall.

The sound of splintering glass to be pure satisfaction to the ear. 

Much to Dandini's consternation there was nothing but silence.

NEVERTHELESS: Dandini turned about, sense of glee on face, and there stood Prince Charming.

'You look decidedly guilty, my dear Dandini. What pray, went over yonder wall?'

Dandini chuckled, 'The one item assured to secure a marital noose around your neck, by some do-gooding fairy godmother no doubt.'

‘Thank God, for that,’ said the prince, rubbing the spot where the dowager duchess had clobbered his shoulder. ‘I felt sure my secret obsession soon to be exposed.’

'Oh please, anytime.' Dandini stepped close to the prince, voice fallen to whisper, ‘Kiss me, Queenie.’

‘That I shall, my gorgeous six-pack Dandini, but don't ever call me that in public. Prince I am by day, Queenie by night.’

Dandini fell into the Prince’ arms, said, ‘We cannot hide our love for ever, my prince.’

‘The prince kissed Dandini with passion and intensity.

Unbeknown to the amorous bewigged young gentlemen, the glass slipper remained unscathed and safe in the hands of the real Prince Charming: Prince Rupert Charming.

Supposedly lost at sea when in fact turned into a frog by an evil witch, the real Prince Rupert Charming all the while awaiting his opportunity to reclaim his throne. Knowing only a maiden's kiss can break the evil spell, he's had no luck so far in that quest.

With the glass slipper he has a bartering tool and he knows Cinder's is kind and loving and will want the slipper back, and she'll kiss him for it, he'd bet his life on that for he knows her smitten with the bogus prince: his younger brother Quentin (Queenie) Charming.  

Having fantasised over Cinders for three years and a day of his sitting on a lilypad watching her fetch water from the well,  Rupert serenades her the very next time she passes by his royal pond!

And Lo & Behold: the ruse works!

Meanwhile: banished from the Principality two men sail off into the sunset!  

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Crazy Holiday Blogfest!

This blogfest is kindly hosted by Christine Danek

Brief:  this birthday scene is snatched from my novel "Unbidden Billionaire Legacy" air of sadness prevailing. Tara’s boss is having a bad moment  – suffering terminal illness and knowing his time is almost up he hoped Tara might have extended a little TLC of a sexual nature in his direction. She in turn understands his sense of insecurity and impending doom, but has not succumbed to his desires despite extreme fondness toward him.

Caribbean Christmas

Darrell Easterly's yacht lies at anchor just off the beach beneath Tamlin Villa.

For the most part Tara felt sure Darrell had enjoyed having his most treasured staff and dearest friends around him, but seeking him out after his mysterious disappearance she's surprised to see him standing on the lower deck leaning on the deck rail: not looking shoreward but gazing out to sea.

She makes her way down to him, sensing something wrong.

Rather than draw attention to him by calling out, she makes to stand quietly alongside. And, for the first time ever sees tears welling in his eyes.

She places a hand on his shoulder. ‘It’s OK, you’re allowed to have a bad moment.’

He grips her hand, a kiss to it and no words are needed to express the awfulness of his plight. It's reflected in his eyes. Surrounded by people who love him, he nonetheless felt isolated, his fear of losing them and life itself unbearable.

‘I’m OK now,’ he says, a sniff, whilst wiping away tears, ‘and I’m sorry you had to see me like this.’

‘That’s what I’m here for, remember?’

He smiles, turns to face her. ‘You’ve been the best thing in my life in a long while.’

‘Flattery will get you everywhere.’

He chuckles. ‘Not where I’d like to be, though.’

She turns about and leans her lower back against the deck rail. ‘Hell Darrell, look at all the lady guests on the upper deck. Haven't you noticed them, like exotic perfumed flowers draped languidly on the deck rail in hope you might glance their way.’

’You wish.’

She ignores his deliberate input, and furthers with, ‘You mean to tell me their scanty outfits and all eyes in your direction  as they sip Krug, fails to make you want to go party with them, really party?’

Darrell glances up, and scans the array of beauties. ‘Most are married, a few too soiled by strings of lovers and . . .’

He pauses mid sentence, and Tara suspects someone has caught his eye.

‘The blonde, who did she come aboard with?’

‘Uhmm, that banker friend of yours, if I remember correctly.’

‘Did she now,’ he says, easing away from the deck rail. ‘I don’t remember being introduced.’

‘Perhaps your friend thought it a wise move to keep her out of your sights.’

Bastard,’ he says, making straight for the steps leading to the upper deck.

Sense of relief sweeps over her, for if his interest dwells elsewhere her life will be so much less complicated in the days to come.

Brief I know, but the word count is almost double Christine's recommended word count.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Marieke's Midwinter Blogfest is so appropriate right now!

This blogfest is kindly hosted by Marieke

I had planned a love in the snow scene, but how about we escape the chill of a Northern Hemisphere Midwinter and go South?!

I've snatched this snippet from a novel written earlier this year, and of course relates to a romantic engagement at African Safari lodge. How timely, in consideration of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement whilst on a Safari Holiday.  It goes over word count I'm afraid: eeeek!

Brief: Allessandre has just presented Nina with an engagement ring and asked her to marry him, but a commotion outside the lodge defers Nina's answer: her brother on the war path.

African Safari & Mid-Winter Engagement.

Paul’s 4x4 pickup skidded to a halt outside Allessandre’s lodge. It caused a bit of a stir among guests just returned from a two-day safari, their guides unpacking a safari truck eyes agog.

Paul leapt out rifle in hand and came striding toward Allessandre who’d heard the commotion and stepped outside to see what in hell was going down.

Reluctant to follow Nina remained inside the lodge awaiting imminent verbal explosion. She really did not want another confrontation with Paul, but nonetheless watched his approach from the shadows behind the mosquito screen door.

‘Did Nina arrive here, earlier?’ he asked, his tone that of man in panic mode.

‘She did,’ replied Allessandre, flippant in response, ‘and supposed to be back before dark, right?’

‘This is no joking matter,’ said Paul, as Aniel his trusted tracker appeared from beside the lodge. ‘She came up here with a young lioness at heel, and Lost returned home twenty-minutes ago at the run.’

‘That was my fault,’ volunteered Allessandre, still feeling guilty for having challenged the poor animal in a stand-off: man with golf club against young lioness. ‘I kind of scared it off.’

‘And Nina, how long ago did she set off back from here?’ asked Paul. ‘We searched the lower path, and Aniel risked his neck to walk up here. There's a pride of lions nearby tonight, and he clearly hasn’t found her, either.’

‘She’s still here,’ declared Allessandre.

In the glow of light cascading from the veranda Paul’s relief evident on face, his tone of voice still tinged with anger. ‘Why didn’t you say so before? I very nearly had a heart attack when Lost returned and no sign of Nina.’

‘Sorry about that,’ said Allessandre, as Nina appeared and came to stand beside him.

‘I do know my way back Paul, and I know what to listen out for,’ she said, defensively.

‘That’s not the point,’ argued her brother. ‘You know the dangers of walking about in the bush at night, and I can’t believe you seriously thought you could stroll back when it suited you to do so.’

‘I’m not that stupid,’ she snapped.

‘Stupid enough in not using the pickup to get here,’ he stated, sounding more furious than before. ‘And Lost, what happened to her? She looked traumatized on her return.’

‘As I said, that was my fault,’ declared Allessandre. ‘I saw Nina coming up the slope behind the lodge, and then suddenly this lioness came charging toward her.’

‘He played the hero,’ said Nina, cutting in, ‘and got between Lost and myself and frightened her.’

‘And only a golf club to defend us,’ said Allessandre, wrapping his arm around her shoulders in protective gesture.

‘She’s only a youngster,’ said Paul, sounding disheartened to think Lost had been traumatized by one man’s ignorance, when she herself knew it had taken him months of tender loving care to get the cub to trust him after man had shot her mother.

Paul had every reason to be angry, and she knew in her heart it was because a terrible nightmare incident from their past had driven him up to the lodge in panicked rage. But what could she say, other than sorry, the past her reason for being there.

‘Thank God Lost came straight home, and didn’t panic and run out into the bush. If that had happened and she’d encountered the nearby pride she’d have been lucky to survive.’

He turned to Aniel, said, ‘Right, let’s be getting off home.’

Aniel leapt into the cab of the pickup, and Paul said in parting shot, ‘Next time you come up here let me know if you’re not coming back.’

Nina felt suitably chastised, and said, ‘I’m sorry, I thought I’d be coming straight back, and you’re right, I should have used the pickup.’

Paul paused by the driver’s door. ‘I take it you ‘re staying?’

‘For tonight,’ she replied, hiding her left hand beneath her right, ‘but I’ll be back in the morning sometime.’

‘See you tomorrow then, and be careful.’

Nina sighed a sigh of relief as he turned the pickup and drove off.

‘I feel so guilty,’ she said, looking to Allessandre. ‘I should have gone with him.’

‘But you didn’t,’ he said, taking her in his arms. ‘Does that mean you’re accepting my proposal?’

‘I have,’ she replied, holding her left hand aloft to display the engagement ring. ‘It’s beautiful and completes the ensemble that you bought on the first day we met.’

Allessandre smiled, his expression that of triumph tinged with surprise.

After all, he’d asked her to marry him, produced the ring, and she’d dallied on reply. Then her brother had suddenly arrived and, perhaps, feeling a little dejected by her silent reaction Allessandre had come outside as much to escape inevitable rejection as that of Paul's hurried arrival.

‘I do love you,’ she said, cupping his face in her hands, ‘and I didn’t falter on reply because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to marry you . . .’

‘I know, it just came as a bit of a shock, right?’

‘You can say that again, and I’m not sure now that it’s happened. That I’m not dreaming,’ she said.

‘Believe me, it's no dream, and as my wife you’ll want for nothing.’

‘But I don’t want you for what you’ve have I want you for who you are,’ she said, eager to set the record straight. ‘I love the man behind the arrogant mask, the man with the big heart, the man who wanted to be my lover, the man who’ll be my everything.’

He laughed. ‘You think I don’t know all that?’ He kissed her. He hugged her tight. He scooped her off her feet. ‘You never once bothered looking at what I had in any great detail, nor were you the least bit impressed by my stable of cars and horses, and earlier, look what you said about the LearJet.’

She couldn’t help but smile.

‘You can smile,’ he said, carrying her inside the lodge.

‘Well it is a bit OTT arriving at a game reserve in a private jet.’

‘So you won’t be going OTT back to England, then?’ he mooted, a broad grin as he let her feet slide to the floor.

‘Perhaps not,’ she said, teasing him.

‘You’re flying back with me and nothing more to be said.’

‘Is that so?’ she said, attempting to extricate herself from his clutches.

Allessandre gripped her tighter, his lion-like growl pre-cursor to a kiss she had no intention of trying to escape from.

This is an extra cutey pic, because the lioness in the story looked like this when found by Paul (the heroine's brother). But for Nina, Lost proved to be a wonderful companion throughout weeks of much inner soul searching and time to rethink through past heart-breaking events!

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Friday, 10 December 2010

When Fiction meets Reality it can be Scary!!!

This is a really quick post this morning re above title!

Over a month ago I wrote a short story for Tessa's blogontest blogfest: it was meant as a fun read and featured a scary creature stalking a youth while on his way home from the pub. The story seeded and stemmed from a rather large black cat I'd spotted lounging at the bottom of our paddock. It leapt up and jumped across the ditch and headed into the cover of trees, nevertheless I thought it unusually large for a feral cat, but thought no more about it.  It looked not unlike this: big, but not so big you'd think it a black panther.

That sighting was almost five years ago in middle paddock: seen here as hay field!

Narberth is 6 miles from my house, Clynderwen 2 miles.

Now read this: Big cats terrifying livestock in Pembrokeshire

This is the short story penned by moi:  "Hoody"

What do you think?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Chapters from Latest Novel up for perusal!

Well, I've done it: I've set up a profile blog and posted 2 chapters from my lastest novel. 

It's a historical as you can see from the image.

To read chaps go here:  

The overall story is one of unrequited love, scandalous seduction, tragic deaths and much heart-searching for both hero and heroine. Although Civil War wrenches them apart, it brings them together again yet the hero all the while unaware of the heroine's presence, but truth will always be outed and love that never died can win true heart again with patience and affection.