Thursday, 10 March 2011

Still seeking that elusive publishing contract?

Are you still seeking a publisher, rather than go it alone as and Indie booky?

Where once it was a case of publishers holding the upperhand, and all wannabe writers fearing the powers that be. No longer is that so true, because if you're willing to shop around and check out the competition within the e-book/paperback world that exists - via the Internet - then the Cyber World of publishing is your proverbial oyster.

The biggest may not always be best is a good maxim to judge by. Think in terms of well-established e-publishers to that of relative newbies on the block. First off the well-established publisher already has a long list of inhouse authors, and its submission rates are going to be much higher. Now start thinking new means less resident/established authors, therefore more chances of getting a foot in the door. The other thing to look out for is quality of cover images already on their virtual bookshelves: the cover is the eye-catcher, the content needing to match it. 

So, with all that in mind you'll find an updated comprehensive list of e-publishers and paperback publishers in lower right hand column. Good luck!