Tuesday, 15 November 2011

For Lovers of Fantasy Romance!

Sometimes little gems come along, and this little novella is one of those gems one feels proud to own!

When Greek myth blends with Welsh legend more than mere magic causes a heart to flutter, and the title "Dancing with Fate" is a teaser in itself.        

Dancing with fate is a delightful mixture of Greek myth and Welsh legends. A fantasy romance it is, true enough, yet it captures and enchants a reader into believing semblance of truth, for whence came the oral legend of Merlin (Myrddin), and when might such have first captured the imagination of listeners?

Who can resist a Greek Goddess whom possesses power to enchant with help of lyre and who dances in a captivating manner? No one it seems is safe from her charming engagements, but will Myrddin succumb to Terpischore and will he survive dangers that await him? Ah well, that you will have to find out for yourself by buying this lovely tale of myth, legend and romance.

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