Saturday, 24 September 2011

Perfected Imago - Campaigner Challenge No.2

This challenge is a tough call because oscitate is not a word I'd heard before. Oscitation, yes: as in noun formal. In the event of oscitate's absence from the Oxford English dictionary I sought it from within Collins Concise Dictionary: again absent. So, when did oscitate become a word? I'm guessing it's an American usage! Needless to say I kept thinking of oscillate... But, in the spirit of any challenge I chose Oscitation as my guide, though refer to required word "oscitate" within the text.

199 words, and snippet from a historical romance circ 1800s: adapted to accommodate the required words for the challenge.

Perfected Imago.

Putrid miasma of strange fungi lingered in the woodland and drove her to the tower in haste. Trespassing as usual she climbed the stone steps to the very top, where the air was fresher and the view spectacular.
       A strange dream the night before had come to life with every step taken, though akin to lacuna for she could not define every aspect of the dream. And, as in the dream, a butterfly emerged from a crevice and alighted on her shoulder. Perhaps the warmth from the sun or the pale lemon colour of her gown caused it to spread its wings and oscitate. Inattentive to the glorious view and enchanted by her brightly coloured companion, a barely noticeable whisper of air brushed her face in passing. But a glimmer of bright reflective light caught her eye as it crept eerily across the inner parapet of the tower.
       “Yours I believe.” The deep timbre in voice caused her heart to stall. 
       She turned to see Lord Devonish sporting a tiny hand mirror, the one she had lost from her drawstring purse weeks beforehand.
       “Serendipity, Miss Davenport, or sychronicity of like minds seeking sanctuary within this Godforsaken folly?”  

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