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Thank you muchly thepatientdreamer! for this award.

I'm supposed to post up 7 things about me. But I'm cheating here because, if you scroll down through the other awards you'll find not only10 things about me, but six more things, and five questions answered.  ;)

The other stipulation is to pass this award on to 15 new bloggers I come across.
I'm sure that will happen during the course of the next few weeks as Rachael Harrie's Campaign Challenges hot up.
Watch this Space!
I'm nominating two authors Jennifer Wilck & Ruth Madison for this award because both feature disabled heroes in their novels. 

Also Anna, who is starting out in the field of mastering the art of writing romance. 


This little fiery beauty comes from Laura

Thank you, it's much appreciated!
For this there is a pass-on rule: five happy bloggers to be awarded same!

Wendy Tyler Ryan: having slaved away at getting her book ready to hit Amazon!

Anne Gallagher: whom I know has been slogging away at getting a novel ready for subbing!

L'Aussie: who has written a brillliant series of blog posts relating to Byronic Heroes.

Paula Martin: who has a book release date coming soon!

Ju Dimello: who moved home to the other side of the globe, and didn't forget to drop in to my blog as soon as able!
Bold knights and ladies fair dwell at Deirdra's blog. Methinks the artist dwells there, too.
Don't you think this has a lovely romantic feel to it?

Thank you, thank you Deirdra for this gorgeous award.


The lovely Karen Elizabeth Brown awarded this little beauty - thank you Karen

I'm supposed to nominate seven others for this award, but most people already have it. If you don't then feel free to grab it!  


WOW! Another "Stylish Blogger" award, and this time from the lovely Sylvia Ney.

Oh my goodness, another "Stylish Blogger" award ((((blushes)))) - and this time from the charming
Michael Di Gesu.

I've just received this "Stylish Blogger" award from the lovely Elizabeth Arroyo at Chandara Writes.

I also received this "Stylish Blogger" award from  the lovely "broomstick riding" Margo : so please fly over there and check out her blog.

I'm supposed to post up 7 things about me. I'm cheating here because, if you scroll down through the other awards you'll find not only10 things about me, but six more things, and five questions answered.  ;)

I have to pass this on to 10 - 15 new found bloggers! (rules change frequently per award ceremony)

If you're new around here, grab it and make someone's life sunny.
Thanks go to Kittie (USA) for this smiley award. I like to think people see something on my blog to make them smile!


This a much treasured award: An Aussie calling an English Pom, Fair Dinkum.

Thanks muchly Denise (L 'Aussie)

I am required to pass this on, so if you think yourself worthy of the Aussie term Fair Dinkum,
well, take it.

Isn't this a lovely floral bouquet from Erica & Christy

There's no rules nor list to compose re self. Hooray!

They also awarded moi The Versatile Blogger Award - see way down below!

I feel sure they'd love you to have this as well, so why not take and post a link to Erica & Christy.

Thank you so much Summer for this award. It's much appreciated!

Rules: Ten things (you don't know) about moi; and I must Pass to 7 other bloggers but most have it already so if you don't help yourself!

I) I wanted to be an Opera singer!

2) I owned my own esquestrian business: now retired from all that.

3) I had 4 novels published by Red Velvet Books (e-publisher) and 2 paperbacks pubbed with Masquerade New York. Both no longer in publishing as independants.

4) I've always had German Shepherd Dogs as constant companions: though I have a hybrid GSD/Wolf at the moment. 

5) I love cats but love birds, too. And after my last two cats, Tigger being not the least interested in birds but a great killer of rodents inclusive grey squirrels, and a great buddy. His brother Whisky, on the other hand, happened to be a bird killing fanatic and predeceased Tigger by four years. But, I'm letting the birds have their days unhindered! No cats in residence. 

6) I live in the country down dark tree-lined driveway: quite spooky so I'm told by visitors. I also have a witches broom hanging in the porchway. ;)
7)  I own my own land and wooded area so can walk dog where I like when I like, nearest neighbours fields away. 

8) I love gardening and have lots of bush fruit (raspberries), plus loads of strawberries and fruit trees (apples/cherries etc) inclusive peach trees grown indoors: they fruit. Can't you tell I'm mad about fruit, and grow most of my own veg.

9) I have two grown up daughters, and four grandchildren.

10) I have a hubby (second) and he's the best: quite a poetic romantic kind of guy! 

Oh hell: now to find seven unsuspecting bloggers! 
Very Kindly Awarded by L'Aussie

Rules: Tell us five of your favourite words and why you like them, (add as many as you like).
4. Pass the award on to three bloggers you feel are excellent literacy builders, and link to their sites.
5. Contact the bloggers you’ve chosen and let them know about the award.
My 5 favourite words:

  1. Fearsome - it's perfect for conveying a person's character/appearance, or other.  
  2. Beautiful - it has so many uses in various mediums within prose. 
  3. Coquettish - trifling/mocking serious matters taken in flirty context. 
  4. Admiration - says much about feelings in regard/respect of another. 
  5. Ecstasy - encompasses all and every thing to do with extreme pleasure from love & lust to chocolate: basically, whatever rocks your boat.  

I hate this part because I'd much rather say help yourself to this award, but I can't the rules say I can't. Three Bloggers I'm nominating are:


If you're a romance writer you have the right to take this and place it on your blog.
All you have to do is link back to my blog, pass on the award to another romance writer, and answer this question: Who would you like to go on a dinner date with?
My answer: Rupert Penry Jones. ;)


Thanks so much to L'Aussie & Donna Hole. for this one (two) ;)

Just received this from L'Aussie - thanks muchly!

What Are Your Writing Habits?
6 questions to be answered!

1. My favourite spots to write are: kitchen because it has a snug corner and handy when watching out for cooking etc/ also upper floor sitting room with veranda overlooking east garden.
2. Blog/e-mail first thing, get writing as soon as, check e-mail lunchtime, get writing again afternoon/evening between domestic necessary chores.
3. Listening to classical music or complete blissful silence!
4. Constant pauses to make cups of tea, but that's good for the figure in not sitting too long.
5. Keep writing new project/revise previous but one project in tandem when time allows.
6. Frequently stop to walk the dog, also good for the figure.

Does this sound anything like your writing habits?

This treat is especially for Amanda who kindly awarded my blog with the versatile blogger award.
In thanks this is her cyber request: raspberry cheesecake!
See below what to do to get youself The Versatile Blogger Award.
Terri and J.C., and Talei also awarded me with this blog award, so too Erica & Christy, so many thanks!
Amanda's original Rules:
-- You must be a follower of mine.

-- You must not already have it (what would be the point of your having two of the same: unless greedy like moi!).
-- You must comment on my blog at least once a week. (not obligatory) ;)
-- You must link back to me, whether via a blog post or simply some side-bar/page love as a caption for the award.
-- You must continue to be as blogging lovely as you were when you received the award.

I'm supposed to tag five other bloggers but most have this one, so if you don't and quite fancy a little bit of green magic then grab it.

Thank you ever so Rach for this cutey!
Received this yesterday from writing buddy in Paris, France.
If you think you'd like this chic award:
link back to me please and post up pic of your favourite female movie star!
Mine: the all time great Vivienne Leigh, who once said "Oh Fuck!!"  in public. ;)

Second blog award:

I received a lovely e-mail from Andre who is French. Apparently he’s an E-bay junkie who scours for out of print titles and old second-hand original novels. He enjoys reading excerpts from wips by aspiring romance novelists, and of those he enjoys most he looks forward to reading in print when, finally if ever, they realise their dream of publication.

Because I’ve posted excerpts [old ones removed] he awarded me this lovely blog award. To be honest I’m thrilled, because in reality a fan of a novel I wrote some years ago has come back to support me in my quest to break back into the published arena.

He’s happy for the award to pass to other writers (help yourself but you must link back to original) and he stipulates it must only go to those writing romance.

Following Rule Apply:

1) You are aspiring/newly published romance writer.
2) You post excerpts of your writing.
3) You have open friendly blog – Google membership not obligatory.
4) You do not teach/preach writing skills [until five published romance novels to your name]
5) You write at least one novel with French hero!
6) You must link back to this the original award.
7)Acceptance of this award must be accompanied by the rules.



If you accept the award please thank André personally so that he can visit your blog!


First blog award:
Kerrin kindly awarded my blog a second time and this time I felt it rude to refuse! ;)

So here goes with questions:

Question 1. Where were you five years ago?

1)Where I am now - deep in the Welsh countryside!
2)I was writing as I am now, and never sent that particular novel to a publisher!
3)I acquired a new puppy Wolf Hybrid, he's almost white!
4)Acquired a new wine red Volvo estate car besides beaten up old 4x4.
5)Received news my husband was quitting London Hospital and coming home for good!

Question 2. What is (was) on your to do list?

1)Pick up a duster more often!
2)Stop baking so many chocolate cakes - hubby's favourite!
3)Write 4 novels a year!
4)See if I can break into HM&B as author!
5)Plant even more lillies in my garden -adore them!

Question 3. What 5 snacks do you enjoy?

1)Swiss Iced buns!
2)Open salad sandwich!
4)Liquorice Allsorts!
5)Chocolate in moderation!

Question 4. What five places have you lived?

1)Too many to list - Isle of Wight!!

Question 5. What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1)Hee hee, squander a lot of it on shares in a publishing company and maybe enough for a takeover bid! ;)
2)Favourite charities would do extremely well!
3)I would spoil my children & sparingly spoil grandchildren -wouldn't want them any more spoilt little brats than they already are.
4)Buy a new boat for hubby!
5)Share a little happiness with fellow writers where ever they may be!

Ah, now. . . I think I'm supposed to nominate five other happy bloggers. Well, I'll have to get back on that one after I've had a whizz round various blogs.


Kerrin said...

hehe you billionaire list is much more fun than mine :)

Angie Peters said...

Love your answers, Francine! Especially your fun billionaire answers :)

Thanks for the nomination - hope I can do it justice, LOL

Karen said...

Thanks for the award Francine.

Four novel in a year is super-ambitious - good luck :o)

Ita Roche Author said...

Love the blog and the 5 billionaire answers - such honesty LOL. Oh that the world could only have such billionaires, it would make life as a writer so much sweater eh

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Thank you. I've snagged the romance award. I have 3 top guys but I have to say the one of them is probably more amiable and would talk more. I have to go with Hugh Jackman.

Summer Ross said...

I love how you did all these awards.. what a great idea. Cats and birds, yeah tend not to mix. some of the things you have done are grandchildren! LOl

Have a wonderful day sweetie!

Sylvia Ney said...

What a great page! Thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulations on all of the awards. I look forward to reading more from you.

Unknown said...

Dear Francine,
Thank you for thinking of me. I am honoured to receive this award, especially since I am only a beginner.

Kind regards,