Saturday, 16 October 2010

First Page Blogfest!

This is my contribution to Elle's  " First Page Blogfest".  

The rule: first page of a novel in no more that 250 words!

This is the opening of a romance novel in which the hero has left the love of his life behind in France: the one person he treasures above all else but is unable to be who she wants him to be. She's not his wife, nor his mistress. Can you guess who she might be?

The traffic lights turned red on approach, and although several vehicles back in a long queue of motors he was able to slip his motorbike out of the line and squeeze alongside the lead car.

With steadying foot to floor he was determined to get ahead of the car beside him. Not that he was running late for an appointment. It was a simple case of fate having dealt him an opportune moment to take advantage of two wheels over that of four.

Unfamiliar with the City of Bristol, for the moment he was keeping a lookout for a particular signpost: Cathedral Court. It was that, or get lost.

His last trip to the plush offices of Carlton International by taxi, from the airport, had afforded no real sense of the place, unlike that of getting around the city on two wheels.

Sensing scrutiny from the driver of the car to his left he cast a cursory sideways glance. A woman, a rather strikingly pretty woman with dark hair and catlike green eyes mouthed something. He guessed it to be anything but flattering.

Averting his gaze from the woman and back to the traffic lights, Henrietta Marie came to mind: her raven hair; ice-blue eyes and quirky smile. She'd stayed by the horses, a mere wave, and then looked away as though accepting that he would return, one day, when his wandering days were over.

Why did he keep making promises he couldn’t keep? 

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