Saturday, 29 May 2010

Male Blond Fest.

Reading a lot of HM&B novels one can see that blond heroes get a rough deal in the HM&B hero stakes. So, I thought I'd have a blond fest of oldies and newbies to the blond movie star stakes, and perhaps some of you out there might look kindly on having a blond hero in your Modern Heat etc.

Take a moment to study these newer faces that have hit the big screen and TV channels on a regular basis. What if anything do you like about a specific face and the individual's attractive qualities. Could you see them as inspiration for a hero in one of your novels?

Let's face it some of these older faces have drawn sighs, ahhhs and "oh god he's simply delicious" like statements.

So, what's wrong in having a blond hero?

I've omitted Sean Bean from the oldie listing (can be seen below in previous historical related post)because I'll probably be accused of obsessing over him!!!

Post your thoughts and let's find out if blond males are out of fashion!