Thursday, 26 July 2012

RFW Challenge/Blogfest.

Romantic Friday Writers hold a fortnightly writing challenge: themes set by RFW. Why not pop along and join in the fun!

GUIDELINES: 400 words of prose or poetry. Must contain a romantic element, small or significent.

This is snatched from my Regency Romance *Scandalous Whisper*.  In days gone by letters were commonplace and the art of writing such was something to be proud of. Anyhoo, the letter below and the heroine's anguish says it all! There is an underlying message in the letter but Christina has yet to fathom that aspect of the message. Can you grasp what Robert Lord Devonish is telling her? If you would like to read the first chapter of this novel you'll find it here.

Butterfly girl,

It is with deep regret I have to inform you the door to the tower folly will be padlocked and remain inaccessible for the foreseeable future. I cannot in all honesty bear the thought of another man trespassing in what has now become a precious place to me. Recall to my regiment arrived a day past, and I know not when we shall return. We are bound for India soon after Yuletide.  The painting you so admired will be put into storage on Wednesday morning.  However, I have a miniature you might like to consider in fair exchange for my having full possession of the portrait. Should you wish to accept my gift and cannot oblige in person. Look for a moss covered stone close to the hinge side of the door. It is loose and will prise free.

God bless, and should you see a Purple Emperor come summer, remember me. 
Yours ever,
Robert Devonish.

  Tears spilled forth. The letter was so formal her heart sank to the depths of despair.  He could have, should have expressed the love shared between them but had not. She could not see it if it was there.
  What did his words mean beyond imminent embarkation for India and some miniature gifted to her? What a cruel trick after . . .
  She dared not dwell on her recklessness in throwing herself at him. What a foolish thing to have incited lust within him. For that is what it was. Nothing more. She glanced at the letter again. Yet it was signed yours ever, something no gentleman should impart to a lady of no consequence.
  Confusion befell her, for her heart screamed to see only good in his letter while her head saw clear evidence of his backing away. Why would he do that? Was it then true, that he was to be wed to Lady Emily Roach?  If that was so why had he wanted to approach her parents and ask for her own hand in marriage? Had their liaisons at the folly meant nothing more than a pleasant distraction, and mention of marriage mere overture to seduction? How foolish she had been and a terrible lesson learned.
  She reread and reread his words again and again, sobs catching in her throat, tears spilling onto the letter-headed paper.  She cast it aside tempted to put it to flames in the hearth for her heart felt torn apart; a terrible hurting never experienced before. She glanced at the very window where once roses in a vase had stood, and she recalled the incident of his looking up and his catching her spying on him.
  What had she done wrong? 

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Monday, 16 July 2012

US Publisher Release & Second book release!

 I'm not sure I'm quite out of blog hibernation as yet, but when one has good news it's great to share it with friends (blog followers). HELLO!! Hope you're all doing well writing-wise...

My good news the US published novel, long awaited novel has come to fruition one year after subbing it.  This it it, a cross-genre chick-lit/sensual romance novel.

It's on release at Amazon! 

In the past Tania has masqueraded as Nina at parties, and likewise Nina has pretended to be Tania. As far as Tania is concerned one more act of deception isn’t going to hurt anybody. Despite Nina’s reluctance, she’s won over by Tania’s pleading ways and travels to London on a pre-arranged date with a Polo playing playboy. Against her better judgement she becomes as smitten by Allessandre as that of his prized stallions, and one mad moment of intimacy seals an inescapable bond between them.

Aware his heart is already captured, nevertheless Allessandre has it in mind he’s been duped by identical twins. Although a man borne of honour, he has a ruthless and vengeful nature. Determined to unveil the twins and teach them a lesson they won’t forget, revenge proves bittersweet when the one he truly desires takes flight. Forced to travel half way around the globe in attempt to redeem his unforgivable behaviour he has no idea she walks with lions, nor that a lioness will challenge his desire to be the life-long protector of the one he loves.

My second release is a historical:

A Romantic Georgian Murder Mystery: the year is 1800: Naples and Venice.

Amidst a gathering of nobility and gentry a daring jewel theft occurs. A young naval lieutenant suggests the notorious Venetian jewel thief could well be a woman, but a beautiful Russian countess scoffs at his suggestion albeit in coquettish manner. Determined to unmask the identity of the thief, at the same time intrigued by the countess, Lt Herne covertly follows Therese around Naples. But where the countess treads murders occur with frequency and she suddenly takes flight to Venice.

Ordered to the Adriatic on naval business Herne drops anchor in Venice. Tempted ashore by Carnivale a second encounter with the countess proves fatal for both. Madly in love they indulge in pleasurable pursuits but become embroiled in the mysterious death of a Russian count, and Therese feels duty bound to return to St Petersburg. Herne awaits her promised return to no avail. Three years later and back in England he discovers the countess on his doorstep, and wonders if he dare let his heart rule his head again? Equally, Therese fears a secret is best kept secret but Herne asks a potent question and she cannot lie for the truth is staring him in the face!