Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Is your WIP a Chaotic minefield for readers?

So, is your WIP in crisis and spinning toward sense of chaos?

Does it read like something from the pages of history combined with 21st century slant?

That's fine if you're writing a historical fantasy incorporating time portal to other/parallel/para-normal world:  depicted below.

If you're writing contemporary novels do you use specific authors from differing countries (within your chosen genre) as guiding lights? After all, some words/phrases expressed in the US can mean something entirely different in another country.  Take the words fanny and spunk.
In the US they're relatively innocent.
"She sat on her fanny kicking her heels more kid than adult. . ."  
"That boy's got real spunk, and . . ."

In the UK those same words have serious sexual connotations as well,
so "Beware" is a wise watch word! 

Because this is an open blog I dare not post erotic examples!    

Which author, if any has influenced your writing? 
Do you slavishly follow and attempt to recreate every aspect of that author's style (voice)?
Did you make a wise choice in selecting your virtual mentor?

Go on, fess up!

I did, here but you don't have to go read my post if you're not inclined.