Saturday, 26 March 2011

Awards Given & Credits Due!

I really want to apologise to fellow bloggers who've followed my blog for months, some for over a year or more, and who must have thought I'd deserted them, but in truth, for the last month I've been unable to follow/comment on blogs due to illness. At the moment, fingers-crossed, I'm back!

Also, I've been seriously lax lately on thanking in public for awards bestowed upon moi: here goes!

First off the lovely Karen Elizabeth Brown awarded this one, and I really do appreciate the gift. 

I'm supposed to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award. Now, to be honest there are more than 7 bloggers out there I would like to nominate. So, if you don't have it and you're a regular or new potential regular visitor consider yourself nominated. It's yours!


This award came by way of the very artistic Deirdra, and I can't say thanks enough!

Isn't it gorgeous, and ((sigh)) kind of romantic?


Now this award I've received from loads of people. It required answers to questions, but I cheated (see how) because numerous other awards required similar Qs & As: all revealing, perhaps enlightning!!


Oh, and if any one of you covets an award (see hanging) in my sidebar follow the link (press image) and go get your heart's desire! ;)