Monday, 11 July 2011

Shelly's Blogfest - Vampire Dreams!

Shelly Brown is host to this wonderful mind-teasing poetry (whatever) blogfest! 

Vampire Dreams

In still of night and breathless fear, I hear my pounding heart;
A shiver… stilled in the gloom, clouds skitter past a silver moon

Oh snowy owl swooping past, and moon to light thy path,
How soon will he come, the deed to be done?

Power of attraction no dismiss, pure agony and ecstasy of untold bliss,
Life's potent wine the inner lust, give of blooded Nile I must.

Oh snowy owl swooping past, how long to frosted breath on air, sparkle in eyes and scintillating hair?

Come the moment, come the time, the crossing of forever line;
Moonbeams shall dance, and shadows quiver,

Oh snowy owl swooping past, how soon the shadowed wings, and instant sparkle of glittering ring?

Hear him now, footfalls on flagstones, a phantom of night; and I, to embrace his sensual rites and live the orgasmic dream!  

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