Monday, 4 April 2011

A-Z = C for Sex Sells!

Most Americans will be familiar with bonkbuster novels written by Jackie Collins, in which she pokes fun at Hollywood's glitterati, tweaks their sparkly bits and mocks their lifestyles.

Whereas, here in the UK, the queen of bonkbuster novels is Jilly Cooper, who shreds the honesty and credibility of the upper-classes (toffs) and mocks the nouveau riche, albeit in a jolly hockey sticks kind of way.  She learned wordsmithing as a journalist and columnist, her background having afforded much knowledge of the upper-classes. She is, though, a lovely person, and a secret fan of Georgette Heyer! 

I simply adored many of her non-fiction works and loved her novels and all available through her new website inclusive extensive backlist: now on Kindle!

The most famous of her bonkbusters started with Riders culminating in a long series of outrageous novels, and the latest that of Jump

Besides her bonkbusters, Jilly has penned loads of books inclusive animal related stories.    

Anyhoo, if you've never read a Jilly Cooper bonkbuster, you've missed out on saying:

Ooooh . . . really . . . in that position.

OMG, is he for real?

What was she thinking!

You've got to be joking!

WOW! Yikes! I don't believe it!

Grief! Oh no, not him! Why?

And more . . .

Incidentally, if you're considering a new pseudonym you might do well with J and C 

Jackie Collins, her sister Joan Collins and Jilly Cooper all famous.  Tempting, ain't it?

  I'm also at Heroines' with Hearts today talking about writing whilst music on the ether, and emotions stirred by such !