Friday, 19 November 2010

Liz Fichera's First Gift Blog-Hop - What did I get?

Liz is hosting this blog-hop.

Fitting with her guidelines I hereby present a vivid memory!

It is a hot sunny Summer’s day, sky of blue with occasional scud of white cloud, and a couple are taking a stroll along an English country lane bedecked with wild flowers. Bees are buzzing, birds twittering and the sweet essence of fresh mown hay drifts on a clement breeze. They’ve known one another for several weeks, not intimately but well enough in the company of others.

On this particular day they are alone, abandoned by others, the two of them chattering and laughing a little. The man plucks a wild briar rose from a hedge in passing. He then lovingly places it in the woman’s hair, words of affection expressed. They laugh and chatter some more, both knowing there’s a connection between them but as yet nothing beyond that of friendship: or is there? Whatever, they continue on their way, and when the stroll is at end they go their separate ways, though do meet from time to time over a period of a month. Come the end of the month it is known the man is to leave the area and sense of sadness prevails, but before the man leaves he presents the woman with a parting gift.

A year later they meet again, and nothing is insurmountable if something is wanted badly enough. Walking, boating, dining, riding and other leisure activities can easily lure two people into a close relationship, and that’s what happens. They eventually get married and gifts for her become more lavish as time passes.

Now after years of happy marriage the love and friendship is as strong as ever, the first gift forever a treasured memory, because it was the greatest gift of all: as good as a first kiss, involving touch, intimate eye-contact and that special something that comes with first throes of love.

A wild briar rose.

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