Monday, 18 July 2011

What makes for Inspiration!?

This is the very substance of Summer's blogfest!

As it says in my profile: 
A painting, wind whispering through trees, 
droplet of rain, snowflake on eyelashes: 
all can stir my imagination!

But, portraits remain the greatest inspiration to my writing of romance novels. 
The following pic an example, and end result a novel that is to be published Stateside and due for release July 2012 - The Billionaire's Dilemma: Twin Mistresses.


How could two polo players be inspiration?
The polo player on the right inspired the novel, plus overall glamour associated with the sport of princes'.
And of course, women bounty hunters whom seek trophy husbands make for a thrilling read!

The following pic inspired: Her Favoured Captain - a historical novella - available on Kindle.

If interested in why this image inspired you can follow the link and read a sample page here 

Now your prompt!

The Shell house as used in Harry Potter movie: incidentally built on a beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales, not in Cornwall where the story is supposedly set.

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