Friday, 22 October 2010

Halloween Blog Party! - Join in the Fun.

Oh dear, I think I've had too much witches brew . . . hic!
Oh, and I almost forgot it's N.R's Halloween Party, hic!

I'm late, hic!

Still, it took a little while to secure my sister, hee hee, thereby lessening the competition for my coachman's eyes, whom she has a fancy for, and no amount of witchcraft will get her released before dawn!

Goblins, fairies and broomsticks, what shall I wear?

Ghastly frightening garb to scare the kiddos?
No, red and alluring to tempt their fathers to vices of the night?
Hmmm, I think slinky black catlike velvet. It's by far more in keeping with tonight, for I do have a bit of a hankering for my rough and ready coachman! 

  Will this do the TRICK?

To think I used to get around on a broom just like dear old grandma up there, but I now prefer to travel in style. One never knows who one might meet along the way, especially on All Hallows Eve. After all, we will be driving past Lord Draculon's Castle, and I daresay he'll be out an about seeking the blooded vile of his desire - not a virgin maid safe in bed once his lordship alights upon a chosen bedchamber window sill!

(((((shudders shudders)))))  

 If you wanna lift to the party just send a raven on the wing, though my coachman will challenge you to a trick or two. He's a bit of a dark, rather sinister character, and half-brother to Lord Draculon, so you might experience a chill Bite in the air, and feel a tad light-headed thereafter.

Though he's not half bad when TREATING!

Now all we have to do is find N.R. Williams haunting abode. I've heard it's not unlike a spooky setting out of Lord of The Rings, and has a treacherous road leading to the castle. I believe our host expects her guests to behave with sense of decorum, and I shall try my best to conform to party rules and shall not spend the entire time leading others into temptation.  Well, not all the time, but it is a party! !  

Goodness, we've arrived already, and I do declare there are
 some queer folk loitering at this party.
Sheesh, what a grand nose, my dear, did you tell terrible porkies when young? Oh my, and your friend looks awfully poorly, and by all accounts in need of a wholesome feast.
Clings to coachman's arm.

And Glam guests, of course, thinking up mischief and spells!

Trick or Treat?

Follow my lead

If you Dare!