Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blogfest Alert! Blogfest Alert!

Come on folks, admit it, we've been missing the many blogfests that used to occur with regularity, and now the Lovely D.L. Hammons, Nicole, Lydia and Katie are share-hosting with a brilliant fest. The title says it all, but go check out the details to be sure you've got the gen on what is expected of the Deja Vu blogfest.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

For Lovers of Fantasy Romance!

Sometimes little gems come along, and this little novella is one of those gems one feels proud to own!

When Greek myth blends with Welsh legend more than mere magic causes a heart to flutter, and the title "Dancing with Fate" is a teaser in itself.        

Dancing with fate is a delightful mixture of Greek myth and Welsh legends. A fantasy romance it is, true enough, yet it captures and enchants a reader into believing semblance of truth, for whence came the oral legend of Merlin (Myrddin), and when might such have first captured the imagination of listeners?

Who can resist a Greek Goddess whom possesses power to enchant with help of lyre and who dances in a captivating manner? No one it seems is safe from her charming engagements, but will Myrddin succumb to Terpischore and will he survive dangers that await him? Ah well, that you will have to find out for yourself by buying this lovely tale of myth, legend and romance.

Purchase Dancing with Fate 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Remember Them - A Tribute Poem!

Through ages past we danced our life from seed to journey’s end.

WE shimmied in carpets green and gold and watched through rainbow arches. WE flounced in drifts of blue and white, oft spied beneath some wooded bough. Yet, no other it would seem as wild in dance and blaze of glory. 

Why then that WE, the chosen symbol of death, of grieving, and remembrance?

A rippling breeze, a howling gale, wind-ravaged, wet and ragged, and still we stand on spidered green. 
Yet, the whispering and singing of the grasses, and leaves all hollering from the trees, none of that can temper our vibrancy. 

Why then that WE, the chosen symbol of death, of grieving, and remembrance?

Adrift in canorous water-filled holes, fluttering through bared bones and twisted metal, we've see the lifeless souls depart, from the barbarous sins of wars and wants. Yet, still we remain, in annihilations waste, beacons all aflame.

So perhaps, most blessed then are WE, the immodest among our species, who represent death, grieving, and remembrance. For when our garish scarlet hue stands proud upon lapels, WE, we are the symbol of the fallen. 

For battlefields and oceans deep are a hellish place to die. 

Francine Howarth

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Three Extra Ways to say "I Love You"

Je t’aime  (French) 
Te amo (Spanish)
Ti amo  (Italian).

The beauty of writing romance, is that one can have a French, Spanish, Italian or other foreign hero. And what better than to slip in a little love talk and convey mood of foreign lilt in the hero’s voice. It’s incredibly easy to present interpretation for reader comfort, bearing in mind a reader may not be fluent in particular chosen lingo.


In a flurry of white shirt, pink dress, and scattered underwear, their bodies came together in that wonderful sensation of woman touching man. No fear enveloped, only love as she gripped his shoulders drawing him down to her. 'Max,' she whispered, trembling in the thrill of renewed intimacy. 'I love you.'
        'Te amo. Me haces muy feliz,' he murmured, his breath desert hot across her breast.
        'Oh Max, I shall have to learn Spanish, if I am to understand you in moments like this.'
        'I said I love you, and that you make me happy.'
        'Do I?'
        His tongue languidly toyed a nipple, then his voice a husky whisper, 'Soy el hombre de más suerte del mundo,' before his lips once again brushed hers.
        'Mmm,' she sighed, 'what did you say?'
       'I'm the luckiest man in the world.'

Love can be said in so many ways, not just in words, in actions too. Like sneaking up from behind and wrapping arms around waist: hugging tight, nuzzling hair and kissing head or neck. Intimacy of touch is wonderful, yet intimacy of eyes across a crowded room can often mean more to lovers than words could ever convey. True or False?  

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How to Get Your Kindle Book Noticed on Amazon!

This is a really short post because the solution to 
"How to Get Your Kindle Book Noticed on Amazon" 
is unbelievably simple!

You know your genre, you know what other books are out there on Amazon's Kindle store.

1) Once you've published your book to Amazon go search out a best-selling author and their latest best-selling book: in your chosen genre, of course, two if you feel inclined.

2) Purchase your own book and the best-seller on same transaction. 

3) Wait five days and check your  books page and the advertising column: "Customers who bought this book also purchased!" 

4) You should now have the best-seller posted on your book's page and likewise you should be on the best-seller's page: same advertising mode.

5) Magic. You are up there with a best-selling author. There's no guarantee you'll get huge sales from being on the same virtual book shelf but you're in with a much better chance than sitting it out  on your page on your tod!

Try it! What have you got to lose? Get friends to do the same with other big named sellers, and your chances get even better. ;)