Friday, 24 June 2011

Romantic Friday Writers 7th Challenge & MC Blogfest!

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For the RFW Challenge No. 7, I’ve snatched a snippet from my historical novella ‘Her Favoured Captain’.

Brief: Emerald, distraught, has rushed down to the creek and to someone she hardly knows but has come to trust, implicitly! But things are not as she has expected . . .

Why had her buccaneer deserted her so cruel, set sail, and not a word? They had agreed to meet again late afternoon, and if nothing else she would have pleaded to sleep a while in his arms if not able to sail away with him. Now, now she had to go back and face Ned and Moorby. Barely able to raise herself from her knees, a sleepless night had most certain taken its toll alongside dread of a fate worse than death.
       She retraced her footsteps, heart leaden. The bridge reached she sat upon the steps, tears flooding. How had it come to this? How could Ned be so irresponsible in gambling away the house, the estate, when already mortgaged beyond their means? What evil influence had possessed him, driven him to drink and to reckless carding?  Once a loving brother, now a monster, she neither knew him or understood this brother returned from war a hero, when so weak in other ways. Two years of Ned back at Penhavean, the estate coffers emptied and the life they had known slipping from their grasp.
       Sound of horses hooves and wheels stole her attention, for a carriage most certain on approach to the bridge and coming from the house. Could noon have passed, and Moorby on his way as threatened? Surely not, for it could not be more than half eleven and time enough to meet with the earl’s demands. She had to do something, any thing to save Penhavean and Ned from ruin. If not, her future would be more uncertain than before. At least as Moorby’s wife her status that of a lady would be retained, and as Ned had said, provide a son for the earl and take a young lover if you despise the old man that much.
         To be so uncertain as to who would be waiting upon her return to the house, quite daunting. If it was Ned she feared his wrath, but he could not hurt her any more than he already had. If Moorby, she would have to surrender herself to him. He might think of her as his, for he would have her body. Part of her heart, though, would forever remain at Penhavean Hall, the greater part at sea. No matter her buccaneer’s desertion he had unknowingly stolen her heart.
       Oh, how love hurts. . .

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 This blogfest is kindly hosted by the lovely Elizabeth Mueller.

Right, the object of this blogfest is “How to Connect with Your MC”. In other words, a couch therapy session, as in, interview disguised as therapeutic bonding!


Hi, I’m Tara, a character in a contemporary romance, and the idea of being interviewed by my author sounded kind of wacky to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are things I kept from her, not intentional for my part, just hadn’t thought them worth revealing. But anyhoo, the question session started something like this: see what you think!

Question 1:  What is your greatest fear?

Tara:  “I have a secret, simple as that. If ever it’s exposed my true identity will come to light.”

Question 2:   What is your biggest accomplishment?

Tara:  “Oh, that of my second greatest love, stage design. It landed me a job on Broadway.”

Question 3:   What is your biggest regret?

Tara:  “That I didn’t go with Rick. If I had, at least I’d know whether he’s alive or dead, presupposing I survived the air crash.” (tearful moment) “No body has been found with the wreckage of his aircraft, and it’s weeks since it was discovered on a remote beach in Brazil”

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