Saturday, 14 May 2011

TRA's Inanimation Blogfest

If you're here looking for Romantic Friday Writers challenge it's below this blogfest post.  

This blogfest is hosted by The Red Angel in celebration of 100 followers.

As the title suggests the subject matter inanimate theme!

I’d been sitting there for 50yrs: same porch, same house and same view. New folks and new kids moved in and out a half dozen times, and the garden rearranged as many if not more. New owners always assumed I to be a forgotten item, and the kids always said, “don’t throw it away, IT’s kind of cute.”

Year in year out, the seasons changed; I got baked, frozen, and on occasion a duster flicked over my rainbow coloured self. When that happened a frisson of something indefinable warmed my cold-to-the-touch form, for I felt loved if but for fleeting moment.

Kids, visiting kids, used to stand and stare at me, kind of like they’d wished they’d had one just like me. Adults, though, a wary eye cast in my direction, their verbal responses unrepeatable. I’d oft pondered why I existed at all if so regrettably bizarre. Then, a rather cute and inquisitive old dear came to visit one day, capacious handbag the like I’d never seen before. She too stopped to stare, and then in kindly manner laid a pat to my head and whispered: “Rather fetching plumage, dear chap, I quite like the look of you.”

Well, strike me pink, shortly before saying her good byes, I found meself snatched from the porch and careful secreted to bag. Now I do sit all proud and mighty with friends a plenty; our plumage dusted daily, and us all loved and treasured. Paradise is this house, a china parrot’s paradise.

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Donna Hole said...

How interesting. This was such a lonely piece. It did bring a smile to my morning :)


The Red Angel said...

I've loved all the entries I've read so far, but they have all been super intense so it's a nice break to get a rather peaceful, classic "inanimation" piece like this one. :) I enjoyed reading about what the object has seen and gone through during its years of stagnation.

I do agree with Donna, it is a bit lonely. I would've never guessed a china parrot! The "rather fetching plumage" did tip me off though haha...great use of the English language in your commentary, very unique.

Thanks for participating in my blogfest! I've had SO much fun hosting it.


Damyanti said...

Lovely entry, Francine! I knew it was a bird of some sort, but was happy to find it a parrot...they're my favorite bird :)

L'Aussie said...

Hi Francine! You had me going there Pommie! I couldn't guess but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Whoops! I signed up for this but in the drama of getting RFWers post posted I forgot to post!


The Golden Eagle said...

I couldn't figure it out--I thought it might be some sort of chair, at the very beginning. :P I really enjoyed reading this!

roh morgon said...

Hah! I was envisioning a garden gnome!

Very nicely written - you are a fine weaver of words!

Had to laugh at Sean Bean's pic on your sidebar - I assume you've been watching him in A Game of Thrones. He's an excellent Eddard Stark.

Trisha said...

I was a bit worried you wouldn't tell us what it was in the end, 'cause I didn't know either :D Lovely description and I'm glad the china parrot got a nice home :)

Rockie said...

Great entry! :D I loved that it was a china parrot. lol XD

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