Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Super-Snooper Blogfest!

The lovely Alison is hosting this blogfest.

The task for me in this blogfest is to describe things belonging to whomever one chooses as the subject matter. The task for the reader to assess whom the person is and what he might be like personality wise and any given profession.

I've chosen a hero from one of my romance novels, and the rules for this blogfest (as I recall) doesn't state no pics!

So, I thought I would start with a pic of my hero's childhood home where he grew from boyhood to manhood, and where family tradition led him into a dangerous world in which he risked life and limb in the glory of seeking prestige and hero status: one entailing immense skill and that of horsemanship.

Born to wealth he nonetheless sought his own path in life and ventured into independent business interests, but as mentioned above, by way of family tradition he met with "His Nemesis"  - his life he believes changed thereafter for the better despite the loss of one he treasured above all others.


Within his London based home vast equine portraits are displayed in a half arc following the path of marble and wrought iron staircase to second floor. The top portait is that of Xander, his greatest equine love and long since dead.  

Lusitano Stallion (Xander)

A man who thrives on danger this hero loves powerful cars, powerful horses and a fast and powerful life style, and not averse to powerfully attractive women. But always, always he remains wary of fast women looking for powerful trophy husbands.

Bentley Continental 

His favourite room in his London house is that of The Den.
Despite it's cosy snug appearance it's where he conducts business when not in various office buildings. It's where he keeps a safe, and where he often settles down with a book, a bottle of wine, or slums it whilst watching TV.       

The Den

When he's feeling really stressed and in need of relaxation or a physical workout does he venture to a gym in the basement?

Like hell he does, he just dives in and swims length after length! 

But one day, one day in this very pool a woman tilts the axis of his lonely if otherwise balanced world. Needless to say, he's smitten, thinks himself in control but she's not whom he thinks her to be and soon there's no way back from self-induced hell! ;)

Now for the final clue: these are part of what he loves doing most. By collating all the info here you should be able to uncover what he was and what he is now!

And, what do you reckon he's like as a person?  

Tomorrow I'll add two pics to this post showing what he was and what he is now! Check back to see if you were right . . .

Follow up day Allessandre revealed:

He's of aristocratic lineage and does have a ruthless streak in his business dealings, at the same time he rewards loyalty with same and of a philanthropic nature: gives a helping hand in setting up of own business with aim to own wealth.  He's fiercely protective of family, his own privacy, yet a social beast in that he's a team player.
El Cavaleiro

He was what many people might abhorr, but it was family tradition and at one time a social event: still is for many.  The Portuguese Bullfighter performs nothing less than that of equine dressage when taunting the bull from horseback, and of course it is intended the bull survive to fight another day. Nemesis, a much admired bull and old hand at being taunted, was a canny beast whom memorised every movement of Xander (horse) and finally sought revenge! Although Allessandre almost died, too, and later went back into the ring in the Spanish style of Matador with sword in hand to kill Nemesis, his admiration for the bull led to its retirement out to grass.

He is now a professional polo player and breeds polo ponies, Xander's offspring (mares & stallions) the source of a breed line sought by many of his ilk.



Alison Stevens said...

He's a professional polo player and she's the owner of the bull who killed his favorite horse. Or not? I definitely didn't specify no photos--well done! Thanks for participating.

Debra Ann Elliott said...

He's a prince in love with a Spanish princess, bur hides his identity posing as a playboy.

Mara Nash said...

He sounds kind of narcissistic to me! lol. And the giant horse pix following the course of the stairs is a little, I don't know, creepy?

Interesting character!

Heather M. Gardner said...

I thought your hero was in the rodeo but that house looks 'too rich' for that sport. I think now he plays polo but he lost his favorite horse to that bull.
This was great with the pictures and I really want that DEN! Awesome.

Angela Scott said...

He sounds like a rich, pompous kinda guy who could use a good woman to settle him down. A polo player is my guess as well. And he's obviously a handsome devil too.

I like your hottie of the month. (I touched him).

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment for the blogfest. You just about nailed my MC.

Tessa Conte said...

He was either a jockey (not so likely coz not so lucrative), a polo player or a horse breeder. Or maybe he rode in the olympics or something.

And now he's the guy who owns the pool I want ; )

Alexis said...

Wow, you hit mine right on the head!

And mmmm I want to get to know this man more, sounds like an interesting fellow. I would think someone who pretends he is carefree but is really not. We could go ridding together.

Michael Di Gesu said...

A polo player... and a possibly a prince.

Trisha said...

He sounds very sure of himself, but like he needs to be undone by the RIGHT woman :D

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Thanks for the follow. Following back.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Hmmm, he sounds like he's sure-set in his ways to the point of eccentricity, unless you happen to be a beautiful woman. ;)

Thanks for reading and commenting on my entry :)


Julie Hedlund said...

He was a professional polo player but now he's a horse breeder? Sounds like the kind of guy any girl would love to tame...

Michael said...

Let's see...if he met her in the pool, she had to be there for some reason; he probably didn't invite her since he met her there for the first time, so she's probably the pool-cleaner person. Only really she's the daughter of a rival family in his country, the family that owns the bull that killed Xander. Rather than taking responsibility for the bull's dead, though she went into hiding and changed her name, and that's why she took an ordinary job with the pool-cleaning company. I think he's going to have a really hard time forgiving her, because he clearly still cares for Xander, but he will in the end, because he's already accepted that his life's changed for the better, and so they'll all live happily ever after.

Donna Hole said...

Wow, those are awesome pictures and descriptions. Sounds like Prince Charming :)


Francine Howarth said...

Hi everybody,

For those who said Polo Player, you were spot on!

Michael, great story, but she is invited to the house: just not who he thinks her to be. ;)

Debra & Angela: you're welcome, and thanks for same. Blogfests are great for networking!


Hart Johnson said...

Hey there! I just back followed you from my blog and saw you've got the Delusional Doom Fest in your side bar! THANK YOU so much for that! Looks like you do a ton of Pay It Forward and I THANK YOU!

Poetic Justice said...

I was going to say Polo player too! Sounds very alpha male and sure of himself. Nice entry.

Alison Stevens said...

Well, I completely missed the bullfighter part (very clever!), but polo certainly fit. Thanks for updating with more about your character. :)

Francine Howarth said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies.

Sorry to be so long in reply but bronchitis has gotten a hold of me in a most vicious way.


L'Aussie said...

Great pics as always Francine. Like the Bently, huf huf! Too early in the morning to work out the mysteries!


Kerrin said...

Hi Francine, been a while.
I love that the horse shares(ed?) my sons name!
Good to see you again!