Saturday, 13 February 2010

Next leading man!

For my ongoing project involving a polo playing playboy billionaire, it occurred to me the leading man had to be someone with dashing goood looks, but not a prissy-looking individual with longish hair. What I wanted was an example of someone who looks as good in a city-slicker suit as when wearing polo gear. Methinks Mathew Chambers fits the bill perfectly, and believe me, he can do the dominant predatory male to perfection.

What do you think of my choice?


Suzanne Jones said...

Oooooh, verrrry nice.


Kerrin said...

I've never heard of this guy before, but he does look very dominant and predatory and sexy too!

Karen said...

Not bad, but I think Richard Armitage would be a good choice too :o)

Francine said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I know, Richard Armitage would do nicely, (scrumpy crumpet), but he's now a little over-exposed and I was thinking maybe it was time to give a relative new boy a chance!

Karen said...

That's a good point! I'd only heard of Matthew Chambers because my Mum's a big fan of Doctors and rather likes him :o))